Digital Radiographs Dental X-rays

The newer digital radiographs require a lower dosage of radiation than was previously required with traditional film x-ray machines. Digital X-rays produce high quality images that allow the dentist to see diseases and potential problem areas of the mouth. Dental X-rays are necessary for dentists as they provide them with a better representation of the teeth and surrounding tissues of the mouth that cannot be seen with an oral examination. The X-ray can potentially help the dentist find and treat problems in their earliest stages, which will allow for improved treatments that could potentially save you money and even more importantly, save you from any unnecessary discomfort.

What Issues Can Be Detected By a Digital Radiograph?

In Children:

Check the development of all teeth including wisdom teeth, identify impacted wisdom teeth

Determine the spacing of the teeth, especially in regards to space for incoming adult teeth

Watch for tooth decay

Diagnose any other disease in the teeth, bone or surrounding structures.
In Adults:

Reveal bone loss that accompanies gum disease

Assist in the preparation of dental restorations like implants, crowns and bridges

Identify any disease in the teeth, bone or surrounding structures

Identify tooth decay

Reveal a tooth abscess or cysts

Reveal changes in the bone structure

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