CEREC Crowns Kelowna

CEREC restorations feature natural porcelain materials that share many qualities with healthy tooth enamel and is very compatible with the body.

Ceramic materials are incredibly sturdy and can endure day-to-day chewing and grinding of provisions and is not particularly affected by hot and cold stimuli. Furthermore, with ceramic, there isn't any taste of metallic substances and individuals will not be afflicted by any electrical conductivity produced by neighbouring metals on the teeth. Furthermore, the smooth surface of the porcelain fends off microbes.

A CEREC restoration is created out of tooth-coloured ceramic materials to present you a completely natural look. The porcelain materials are adaptable with the tissues in your oral cavity, is anti-abrasive, and impervious to plaque. CEREC tooth fixtures enable the oral health care professional to be really precise while applying more enamel of your natural teeth and might be used for inlay and onlay fillings, in addition to veneers and crowns.

How exactly does the CEREC machine work?

The opening action is to make ready the damaged tooth by covering a thin film of white reflective powder on the surface. With the assistance of a unique digital camera, we may then take a photograph. This image is a pin-sharp optical imprint of the tooth that permits us to design a fixture by utilizing computer-aided technologies. A full colour monitor is available for you to actually watch as a new fixture is being created for you.

Then CEREC builds an exact fixture, which you can also watch. Utilizing a solid chunk of ceramic material, a high-speed diamond bur and a disk work to mill the latest tooth restoration. The final piece of newly milled restoration is cemented to the tooth with the latest in adhesive oral health.