Kelowna Sedation Dentistry

Oral health therapies could be performed for patients with dental phobias and high degrees of anxiety via the use of pharmacological agents (sedation). Now patients are able to feel entirely at ease during their next dental health appointment. Just think about having all your dental health needs looked after within a visit. Sedation or sleep dentistry can supply an excellent solution for ensuring complete relaxation while you maintain your dental health.

Clients who would make excellent candidates for sedation dentistry are clients who have extreme oral health phobias and/or dental fears, had earlier traumatic dental health experiences, clients who have a bad gag reflex, individuals who require widespread dental care in a short period of time, have really sensitive teeth, or they have difficulty responding to numbing and freezing. Other reasons why sleep or sedation dentistry might become an option for many patients who can't deal with the smells and sounds of the dental office, who dislike the flavors of the dental care products being utilized for treatments, who have needle phobias, or are very insecure about their teeth.

Prior to your dental treatment, individuals will be sedated with a capsule about an hour before the treatment. Because of the effects of the medicine, you will require help to get to and from your appointment. You should be very drowsy by the time you turn up and you will then be escorted into your dental chair where your vital signs will be better monitored. The sedative will work quickly to put you into a calm state of consciousness while still allowing you to be responsive.

The use of sedation dentistry is able to produce an optimal environment for you and enables your oral health doctor to accomplish multiple treatments in just one appointment. You can comfortably relax for several hours. The level of sedation will be different depending on the therapies required and the form of sedation offered. The calm state should subside the very next day and you'll feel completely refreshed.