Denturist Kelowna

When there are holes left from absent teeth, it is essential to fill these spaces as every tooth should have an opposed tooth to provide support. Lacking a full compliment of teeth or opposing teeth in your bite, you could traumatize a few of your remaining teeth. Anything less than a full set of teeth in a bite, you could wind up injuring a number of of your remaining teeth. However, losing a few or the majority of your teeth should not result in any loss of self-assurance and shouldn't lessen your self-esteem as there are numerous possibilities to help fashion you a brand new smile or to simply improve the smile you already possess!

The available treatment opportunities begin with small altercations or simple alterations to your current dentures all the way up to an entire renewal of your dentures like a full replacement giving you a wonderful new smile. Your oral health care professional can give details and assist you to understand all of your treatment and procedural alternatives so you are able to make a wholly informed decision.

Today's dentures don't have the same appearance as the older traditional dentures. New advancements in oral health technologies and materials allows the dentist to produce organic, natural, and confident looking smiles. Quality dentures are commonly prepared with multiple layers of acrylic and are rather difficult to tell apart from natural teeth.

Full Dentures - A complete denture, oftentimes a removable oral health appliance, is suggested for individuals when they have lost all of their original teeth. Dentists will take a precise measurement of the teeth at some point in the first denture treatment prior to deciding on an appropriate shade and shape of teeth that will be utilized to make a custom smile just for you.

Removable Partial Dentures - This kind of denture is a detachable appliance that utilizes the support of current teeth. Incomplete dentures could be used by clients who have lost one or many teeth within an arch. Quite a few solutions are existing and many times a partial denture is chosen. Crowns and bridges are other possibilities and might be favored by your dentist, who can counsel you on the better treatment option for you.

In our day, there is a large selection of partials for you to choose from. Of these, the most interesting are the invisible partials, which offer a partial denture that is virtually invisible, able to blend in with your already existing teeth and your periodontal tissues. The invisible partial is nearly unbreakable, very flexible and uses only the finest materials available to guarantee maximum durability and resistance to long-term wear and tear.