Composite Fillings Kelowna

A tooth-coloured composite resin restoration can be utilized in many situations to help fix teeth that have fractures, fissures, and tooth caries. The piece of tooth that has been damaged must be entirely cleaned before the oral health doctor can place a synthetic resin restoration.

With many varieties of restorations available for clients, each of them has certain strengths and weaknesses. Talk to your dental clinician for additional information in regards to your options to determine which might offer the better option for you. Silver amalgams and composite resin restorations are the most utilized style of tooth fillings being used at the moment. Composites are really appealing to some people as these fillings can closely match existing tooth colours. They are more often utilized on the anterior teeth where they are visible to other people.

Synthetic resin fillings are not permanent and might need to be replaced at some point in the future, they however, are fairly rugged and can last for several years, giving you a long-lasting healthy smile.

Some of the reasons that people may require synthetic resin restorations are for chipped teeth, cracked or broken teeth, tattered teeth, corroded teeth, and to close the room between two teeth.