Dental Crowns Kelowna

A crown (cap) is a dental fixture that rebuilds the anatomical exteriors of a fractured or damaged tooth to their natural function. The anatomical exteriors are the areas of the teeth that are visible above the gum line.

Typically, crown fixtures are only given when there is a considerable portion of the tooth left to adhere to. The filling materials require sufficient surface area to fasten with the dental binding material or the crowns will need recurrent mending.

The broken tooth's fixture is prepared prior to a crown being permanently fixed. Dental clinicians will sometimes fancy this type of restorative treatment option as it results in a highly cosmetic, robust and long-lasting tooth restoration.

The most regularly used crowns are the porcelain jacket crown and the porcelain fused to metal crown. The ceramic fused to metal crowns are applied most often on posterior molars due to the outstanding strength and resilience that semi-precious metal can offer during biting and chewing activities. The surface or facing of the crown is made of ceramic resources that offer the restoration an organic and natural look. The porcelain jacket crowns are made of a slim metallic casing enclosed by numerous layers of porcelain materials to help complement the shadings of a natural tooth. This type of fixture is only used on the anterior teeth.