Root Canal Costs Kelowna

"Root Canal" or endodontic treatment becomes necessary to save a tooth as soon as the pulp of a tooth becomes infected or dies. Normally, the treatment is pretty comfortable and can keep your teeth much healthier by preserving your tooth. Endodontic treatment - "Endo" is a Greek word meaning "inside" and "odont" is Greek, meaning "tooth." So, endodontic treatments concentrate on treating the interior of the tooth.

The anatomy of a tooth breaks down from the exterior enamel to a solid layer of dentin under the white enamel. Inside the dentin lays the tooth pulp which is made from soft tissues and contains nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue. The pulp stretches all the way from the tooth's top to the root tips where it attaches to the neighbouring root tissues. The pulp is influential throughout the development and growth stage of the tooth because it creates the solid tissues to support the tooth. Furthermore, the pulp is also important for mature teeth since it gives nutrition to the teeth and its surrounding tissues.

Endodontic therapies might be required if the pulp becomes swollen or contaminated. Tooth pulp swelling is typically caused by tooth corrosion, too many dental applications, cracks or internal infections. Also, a personal injury or shock to the tooth may well harm the pulp even if there isn't any obvious cracks or chips in the tooth. An untreated irritated or contaminated tooth pulp can result in pain in the tooth or perhaps the development of an abscess.

The signs and symptoms of an infected tooth pulp consists of intense sensitivity to cold and hot stimulus, biting which causes tooth pain, the site is swollen, or you are able to have a bad taste left in your mouth. Oftentimes there could be no noticeable symptoms of any underlying issues, nonetheless, regular oral health appointments and digital x-rays will likely be able to reveal any problems to the pulp.