Root Canal Kelowna

When the nerve of a tooth is disturbed by caries or contamination, a root canal could be needed. The treatment of a root canal is mainly concentrated on the total removal of the tooth decay, nerve and pulp. The resulting opening is then filled with special, medicated, dental materials, to enable the teeth to get back to its full functionality.

A root canal treatment is the favored technique used to salvage a tooth that would have otherwise died and needs to be extracted. Sometimes, teeth extraction can be costly and you might have concerns concerning the neighbouring teeth. Root canal treatments are extremely effective and usually last for a lifetime. Nevertheless occasionally, a tooth could need to be retreated because of recent infections.

It might be easy to figure out if you do require a root canal for the reason that the symptoms are oftentimes very painful; individuals commonly have sensitivity to hot and cold, they have toothache and gum swelling or an abscessed tooth.

In some cases there might be no indicators evident. Other reasons for needing a root canal are injuries or trauma to the tooth, an infection or abscess has developed within the tooth or the root tip, or caries have reached the living pulp within the tooth.