Dental Implants Kelowna

The restorative dental implant treatment begins by surgically inserting a base within the jawbone to which an implant is inserted. Tooth implants may compensate for the loss of a number of teeth or provide a support framework for a partial denture, or by increasing the strength and support for a full lower denture while improving the clients confidence and comfort. Implants could take up to 9 months to complete as they are intricate and complex procedures.

This style of treatment option is not recommended for every person as there is some amount of risk involved in such a complicated procedure. Other situations that prevent individuals from taking advantage of this treatment could consist of some pre-existing health concerns or poor private finances. Excellent candidates for an implant must have the suitable bone structure required to reinforce the embedded dock.

At some point in the opening visit for the implant procedure, the area will be prepared and a implant cylinder placed onto the receptor site. Then a sterile surgical screw, is often composed of titanium alloys due to its compatibility with jawbone and oral tissues, is inserted within the receptor.

The soft tissue needs to then be closed up around the implant and left to heal for around 2 weeks. Yet, the bone might need somewhere from 3 months to 6 months to completely repair and integrate with the implant.

Once the jawbone and tissues have healed completely, phase 2 of the procedure can start with the subtraction of the soft tissue from the surgical site, revealing the sealing screw. A connector column is then screwed into the implant that now extends higher than the gum line. The surgical site will call for an added 2 weeks to allow the adjoining tissues time to heal while the prosthetic tooth is being built. Lastly, the prosthetic will need to be placed onto the posts. This new permanent tooth fixture will supply both full functionality and superior cosmetic appeal.