Kelowna Dental Implants

Implants are at the innovative of oral health, as these tooth and root restorations are utilized to supplant lost and missing teeth. For a missing tooth, a titanium cylinder can at this time be inserted inside the bone to take the place of a tooth's roots. A ceramic cap is subsequently able to be positioned atop of the cylinder to resemble a regular tooth and will offer the client a fully functioning aesthetically appealing tooth.

Typically, implants will be used to supplant a single tooth, but on occasion, a number of implants may be inserted together and then bridged to supplant the space of multiple missing teeth. The implants can also be used as the anchor for a bridge and a artificial tooth can be integrated within the prosthetic bridge. Implants might also be implemented if all the teeth happen to be missing from either the lower or upper arch. A few implants need to be placed in the jaw bone, over which a fixed denture is connected giving the sufferer a full compliment of teeth.

Clients who would make an ideal candidate for implants are based on firm specific criteria. Patients must not be smokers, be of fine overall health and have sufficient bone structure for the implant area. Very meticulous analysis is a necessity to determine whether the donor area will be compatible. This procedure could entail thorough tooth and possibly medical exams along with a full spectrum of digital x-rays of the specified area.

A dental embed treatment consists of a visit to have a titanium cylinder inserted in the jaw bone. Then a period of healing lasting four to six months with monitoring required to make sure that the body has completely accepted the tooth insert. Once the healing is accomplished, the bridge or cap is then placed overtop of the cylinder to offer the client a fully functional fake tooth.

In several cases (more specifically for front teeth), the tooth might require immediate removal, subsequently the restoration can be inserted at the same time. In this case a small removable partial denture is manufactured for wear while the embed finishes integrating with the jawbone.