Dental Inlay Kelowna

Custom fabricated dental fillings such as Onlays and Inlays are used by many oral health doctors instead of using dental crowns, which are less conservative than fillings. These restorative fillings, when used in place of the more traditional dental fillings, can offer visual and functional benefits in treating tooth decay and structural impairment to a tooth, all the while resembling natural tooth colours. Also named as indirect fillings, they offer a tight-fitting, more powerful, and longer lasting solution to tooth decay. Traditional fillings are distinctive in one respect though. They can be molded in position at some point in your dental visit, while custom fabrications have to be designed in a dental laboratory before being placed in a tooth.

The Inlay tooth restoration is designed and bonded to fit in the center of the tooth, while the Onlay restoration is used when one or more of the cusps of the tooth are damaged. Consequently this style will fit in the middle of the tooth and extend over the outside cusps.

The benefits to using personalized restorations may also indirect dental fillings will offer benefits that include:

Conserving Healthy Tooth Enamel
Inlay and Onlay restorations allow for a conservative preparation that conserves as much healthy tooth enamel and dentin as feasible. They are a excellent option for any patient with minimal to moderate tooth decay that spreads into the flossing areas and can offer a great fit over full dental crowns.

Colour Lasts Longer
Composite resin fillings discolour at a much quicker rate than custom fabricated fillings

Ensures Functional Longevity
In preparation for custom fabricated fillings, only minimal amounts of healthy tooth structure will need to be removed, whereas ensuring damaged or decayed areas regain their functional longevity.

Cleaning Teeth will be Easier
Your teeth can be less complicated to clean than other full restorative options such as a dental crowns since the preparation is minimal and the edges are all molded for a proper fit. Composite resin fillings might shrivel while in the curing process, whereas porcelain ceramic or gold Inlays and Onlays will not wither ensuring a correct fit.

Seals Teeth Better
When there is a cavity in between your teeth, an Inlay might be preferred over a composite resin filling. Inlays are better at sealing teeth giving them superior defense against dangerous microorganisms and they will be far simpler to clean and will not stain over time.

Better Stability for Corroded Teeth
Inlays and Onlays restorations offer a stable, superior fit with extremely durable materials that can really strengthen a damaged or decayed tooth.

Weak Tooth Protector
An Onlay can work to shelter the weaker areas of a tooth and the treatments will not need the full redesigning or reshaping of the tooth.

Inlays and Onlays can be shaped from ceramic, gold, or composite resin materials. The difference between them is in the appearance of the finished product.

Your oral health care professional might discuss the best restorative material to utilize for your filling. The best choice for overall functioning will be the gold restoration, yet they are not always aesthetically pleasing. Porcelain Inlays and Onlays offer the best alternative where aesthetics are a concern and are favored when used on the front teeth or anywhere that is observable when smiling. For patients who clench or grind their teeth or individuals with a misaligned bite, the best option for them is to use a composite resin filling.

Custom restorations are secure dental restorations that will last for a long period of time.