Amalgam Fillings Kelowna

Silver amalgam restorations can persist for many years but will ultimately start to stain and corrode. As soon as this begins, the restoration repels away from the tooth and forms a space. Microorganisms are then able to penetrate the opening producing harm and decay below the filling. After this is discovered, your amalgam restoration will need to be pulled and substituted with a porcelain restoration.

One of the fantastic advantages of ceramic tooth-coloured tooth fillings is that they attach completely to the tooth, making them considerably stronger than silver amalgam fillings. Also, less of the tooth has to be pulled in preparation for the bonding treatment, thus preserving more of the existing tooth.

Porcelain restorations are most frequently utilized in situations whereby there is only a small amount of stress on the tooth and the damage is mild to moderate. When the deterioration is too serious and there is not adequate anatomy on the tooth remaining, a dental crown may be required to help handle the full forces of chewing and biting.

If a patient has a lot of silver amalgam fillings still existing, it could be best to exchange a few of the restorations at a time rather than doing several treatments. The silver amalgam restorations are removed with a dentistry hand tool and the surfaces of the tooth are carefully cleaned before the tooth-coloured replacement filling is placed. This ceramic restoration is professionally contoured and shaped to mirror a natural tooth and to fit the bite.