Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Kelowna

Whitening is arguably the most exciting development of dental health technology in the history of oral health. It has offered individuals a simple option and speedy method to brighten and lighten teeth. This particular cosmetic enhancement might have spectacular effects on patients' self-esteem and gives them a more appealing and healthier look. Teeth could be the most apparent part of the face besides the eyes during a conversation. The motion of our lips as well as the tone of our voice generate interest to our mouth area whenever we speak.

Effectiveness of teeth bleaching has proven to be successful on nearly 99% of patients; though, there are many cases when the teeth bleaching gels have no effect. Often the best results are achieved on clients with a yellowish hues on their teeth. Individuals who have several hue bands, tetracycline staining, or grey hues could have limited benefits.

The level of teeth whitening is tremendously diverse and the ensuing end colour will be distinctive from patient to patient. Brilliant white is generally not achievable as an end target, but making your teeth a few to numerous shades brighter is a very reasonable target.

A bleaching system is a painfree treatment that uses a chemical reaction to break stains down to lighten dark, discolored teeth. Concerning whitening techniques, there are three different types of whitening systems: two in-office techniques, along with one take-home technique.

ZOOM! Whitening - power whitening can be executed through the application of a strong whitening gel in combination with the ZOOM! light. Collectively they work to gently penetrate the teeth, breaking the discolouration and stains. Benefits can be seen within one to three hours, but the procedure may need an additional session, as outcomes can vary between individuals.

Laser Bleaching - The use of laser whitening is also preferred because the gel can work more efficiently when it's activated by the laser. Results come quickly and may be witnessed inside one hour.

Home Whitening - Unlike in-office treatments, home bleaching is less expensive and may perchance be the safest of all whitening methods. It is executed with the use of soft personalized oral trays built from of clear acrylics. For both upper and lower arches there's a customized tray. The trays must be filled up with a unique bleaching gel and placed on the teeth leaving them in for at least 30 minutes to 4 hours every day for up to two weeks.