Cosmetic Gum Surgery Kelowna

During a visit to the dentist, your dental professional may take preliminary evaluations of the periodontal tissues with simple digital photographs. They do this to determine the symmetrical lines of your teeth and will be trying to apply organic looking gum lines to help accentuate your smile. The most significant areas to emphasize are the visible areas of the mouth.

There are two different therapies dental clinicians utilize to flatten out the periodontal tissues. The first is a periodontal lift and the second is the gum graft. The periodontal lift calls for the eliminating gum tissues to flush out both sides of the mouth. The periodontal graft on the other hand necessitates the adding up of periodontal tissues to an area which has severe gum recession or a poor root structure. This will help cover the tooth at the same time as also flattening out the periodontal tissues around the adjacent teeth.

A gum technician named a Periodontist may be needed to execute the therapies depending on how widespread the work required is. Healing time has a tendency to take roughly three to twelve weeks. Note - these procedures might be required prior to the installation of any crowns or veneers.