Dentist Veneers Kelowna

Made of really thin pieces of ceramic porcelain, veneers are very tough dental fixtures that are customized in a dental workshop to mirror your existing teeth in both colour and shape. They can be secured onto the fronts of your teeth to help make a beautiful and appealing smile. Veneers can be used to completely refashion your teeth and smile. Additionally, they can often be applied as alternatives to tooth crowns and might make a perfect solution in managing several oral health ailments.

Because of regular usage, veneers are not enduring and they could need to be replaced after some time due to wear and tear. But, these restorations are very resilient and may last for many years.

Porcelain overlays may be used aesthetically, to make a tooth-coloured, beautiful, homogeneous smile, to fill unwanted spaces, to help chipped or worn teeth, to treat stained or discoloured teeth, to treat crooked or misshapen teeth, or to balance teeth that are too small or too large.