Laser Teeth Whitening Kelowna

Whether you are interested in enhancing your smile for cosmetic motives like improving your overall smile, tooth bleaching is fast becoming a well-liked therapy opportunity. Whilst searching for a whitening treatment a few of the things you might want to consider are therapies which are fast and convenient, long lasting, very low sensitivity, they are safe, and they can be performed by your dentist.

A very safe, effective and fast acting bleaching system is the superior Zoom2! In-Office Bleaching System. In approximately one hour, the In-Office whitening system can be executed giving you with remarkably whiter teeth. Zoom2! whitening is an optimal alternative for any individual looking for instantaneous results. The convenience of Zoom2! can make it an outstanding option for the busy patient in comparison with the necessary months of wearing mouth trays for gradual teeth whitening.

The Zoom2! light activated gel is scientifically formulated, pH balanced Hydrogen Peroxide which, when made active, functions to gently penetrate the teeth to eliminate the discolouration and deep stains.

Your life-style choices and the growing older process will stain and darken your teeth. Everyday actions like drinking red wine, teas, and coffees, along with smoking will work to discolour the teeth.