Veneer Teeth Kelowna

Veneers in dentistry are extremely slender shells intended to cover the surface of a tooth, at the same time as providing a strong and enduring restoration that is customized with tooth like materials like ceramics and composite resins. They might be used to cover enamel that has been damaged, to obscure ugly chips and splits, or to amend spacing issues and tooth alignment concerns.

Dental veneers may be classified as cosmetic dentistry for the reason that they proffer a dazzling, white smile with beautifully aligned, attractive teeth. Even better, the translucent ceramic of today's veneers provides a very natural look to your teeth.

Cosmetic Custom-designed Veneers

Dental Veneers might be used in certain situations to resolve your aesthetic dental worries, including:

Attenuated tooth enamel: Over time, the protective external shells (enamel) that helps coat the inner core of a tooth may get worn out, rounded, and discoloured. Now and then this yellowing and wear can be due to natural use, be a result of damage or may even come from a genetic predisposition; still, sometimes your every day eating as well as drinking habits (coffees, teas, dark colas, tobaccos, prescription medicines) bring about most of the staining.

Damage: While individuals grow old teeth will naturally start to break down and aged teeth are more prone to fracturing, ridging and chipping.

Genetics: Specific clients may be predisposed with abnormal tooth spacing that can expand even wider as they get older.

Crooked teeth: Jagged teeth can manifest itself from undue tooth grinding or general wear and tear.

Composite Resins and Porcelain Dental Veneers

The two most common resources used in the manufacture of veneers are synthetic resins and porcelain which is a ceramic material. Both materials can be fabricated by a technician in a specialized dental laboratory; while synthetic veneers can also be directly created in-office by your dental clinician and positioned inside your mouth at the dental facility. Veneers that are indirectly built, fabricated in a dental laboratory, are bonded to the teeth with bonding agents generally made from composite resins. Of the two alternatives, ceramic veneers are more enduring but are also more expensive.

When are Veneers Suitable?

While concerns are minor like small fissures or chips in a tooth, bonding can solve many of these concerns as an reasonably priced and efficient dental restoration. A synthetic resin material is cemented to the tooth filling gaps in the splits and chips of the tooth so as to protect the surrounding tooth structures. Except for the more critical concerns like dullness, serious yellowing, wear, chipping, splintering, spacing, or uneven teeth, restorative veneers might be the more appropriate solution.

Veneers or Bleaching?

Bleaching your teeth may offer a whiter smile for moderately stained teeth. Several of the people who are interested in veneers will discover that their oral health professional will encourage them to consider the less complicated alternative, possibly combined with some type of orthodontic treatment. One detail to deliberate when placing veneers is that they do require "prepping" or "shaping" before being fitted with customized shells. This means that your natural teeth will be permanently altered and as a result this treatment should not be suggested if your original teeth are esthetically and functionally healthy.

If preferred, custom veneers can resolve situations of serious discolouration. They also have the added benefits of endurance and strength with the ability to improve the overall look of the mouth and smile. Though veneers may call for more of a commitment than whitening programs, the results are usually worth it.

Veneers may only require small amounts of tooth reshaping before being placed due to them being so slim. However, once they are in place, they provide a robust and stable restoration. This does not mean that proper carefulness shouldn't be taken. The veneers are thin porcelain shells that can become damaged if they are abused.