Laser Gum Therapy Kelowna

Dental Lasers have been used more regularly in dentistry over the last couple decades. They may be utilized to treat certain oral health concerns including gum tissue reshaping, bonding tooth fillings, removing cavities and decay, and teeth whitening. Also, lasers may be utilized in the elimination of microorganisms from the spaces and pockets of the gum tissues.

Applying lasers will help reduce the need for the conventional dental drill which might also reduce the phobias and apprehensions of weary patients. The Waterlase® system uses diode lasers that offer a nearly painfree procedure, thereby removing the need for anaesthesia.

Laser dentistry provides other advantages including the elimination of annoying drilling noises and a reduction in the amount of bleeding as the lasers cauterize the blood vessels, which will also decrease incidences of contamination. Another positive outcome of laser treatment is the ability of the laser to reduce microbe levels for long term security. What's more, the precision of the laser can preserve healthy tissues during therapies and procedures and oral health doctor may treat developing tooth issues before they have a chance to propagate and cause damage.