Teeth Veneers Kelowna

Dental veneering is a sophisticated system used on anterior lower arch and anterior upper arch teeth to remodel existing teeth and also to cosmetically modernize the smile. The procedure is normally used to refashion teeth with huge gaps between them or to space out teeth that are crowded, to lengthen shorter teeth, to fix uneven teeth, or repair discolored teeth.

Veneers are oftentimes placed in front exterior of anterior teeth and they're bonded on the sides so as to guarantee strength. The posterior surface of the tooth will remain unchanged. Through the use of digital photography brand new shades and designs can be individualized according to the appearance and cosmetic structure as well as personality of the patient.

The optimal veneers are those made of porcelain because they closely resemble natural teeth. It is the main aesthetic procedure used to alter a smile as overlays will shine, have layers and depth in shading, reflect light, feel soft, and appear as if they were your very own. The main contrast between natural teeth and dental veneers are that overlays will not stain over time and if correctly maintained they will last for several years.

Prior to the start of the procedure, info regarding the state of the teeth must be gathered and reviewed by your dentist. Info accumulating commences by carrying out a thorough evaluation, producing upper and lower teeth molds, x-rays, photos, and a bite analysis. Only after all the details have been gathered and reviewed by a group of oral health care experts can an extensive consultation to cover all treatment alternatives. Parts of the redesigning procedure will detail personal attributes like skin tone, colour of hair, style, facial shape, shape of lips, size and length of the smile will be reviewed to be incorporated into the result.

The entire process can be completed in about a month with approximately four dental visits.