Cosmetic Dental Implants Kelowna

Dental implants are artificial teeth (typically titanium) and fake roots that are surgically inserted into the upper and lower jaw bone by an oral health care provider or Periodontist. The fake teeth that are cemented to the implant are extremely natural looking and are often utilized to rebuild or improve an individual's smile! Implants are an excellent option for clients with missing teeth or those who need permanent or detachable partials and full dentures. Dental implants offer greater stability and support for these oral devices.

Implants provide an aesthetically appealing look with a high-degree of strength, stability, and durability. Occasionally however, they might require re-tightening or to be replaced due to routine wear.

Typically, implants are utilized to supplant missing teeth, to bring back or improve oral tissues, to problems with the bite or joint pain brought on by the shifting of teeth, to aid any speech impairments, digestion worries, chewing complications, or to improve a client's smile. Another vital motivation for using a tooth implant is for use in support of a tooth bridge or denture so as to make them more comfortable and secure.