Tooth Extraction

A dental extraction is the process of removing a tooth or teeth from the mouth. Most extractions are performed on teeth that cannot be restored due to dental trauma, excess tooth decay, or periodontal disease; however, teeth may get pulled for a wide variety of reasons. When a wisdom tooth becomes impacted, meaning that it cannot grow normally, it may need to be removed in order to prevent recurrent gum infections or if it is going to compromise other teeth in the mouth. Sometimes, teeth may be removed for orthodontic purposes. 

Typical extractions are often straightforward procedures, only requiring some local anesthetic to help eliminate pain sensations. The local anesthetic will help to block the pain, though some of the forces of the removal can still be felt. Some teeth may present more problems for removal and will depend greatly on the tooth's position, the integrity of the tooth, and the shape of the tooth roots. Wisdom teeth extractions may present a few problems because some of the teeth may not have fully erupted through the gums. If the tooth is buried within the bone, a surgical extraction may be required. This may involve the cutting away of the gums and removing the bone that is holding the tooth in. Following a tooth extraction, stitches are often required to close up the gums. Our doctors will be sure to prescribe you with the proper pain medication so that you can heal comfortably.

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