Children's Dentistry

We believe that a healthy mouth begins in childhood. Dr. Rootes is great with kids and the best part of his day is when a child leaves smiling. The Canadian Dental Association recommends that children should have their first visit by age one or approximately 6 months after the eruption of their first teeth. The first visit to the dentist is meant to be a happy visit, where the child can have his/her first positive dental experience. 

It is also a great educational opportunity for parents as they can learn many things about oral health in kids. It is also recommended that your child come in for an appointment every 6 months, so we can assess the small problems before they become big problems. By coming in for examinations as a child, children can find out if their cleaning regimen is working at home and Dr. Rootes will be able to find problems right away and fix them. The dentist may recommend digital x-rays for your child to help show decay between the teeth. Also, Dr. Rootes may suggest sealing your child's adult molars. This will help protect them from cavities. 

You can feel confident that Dr. Dan Rootes and all the staff at Lifestyle Dentistry will take great care of your child, treating them in a gentle and patient manner.

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Sid's Story - Everyone treats me so well

I just love coming here. Everyone treats me so well. I look forward to when I have an appointment.

Sid - Age 90