Root Canal Therapy

When the nerve of your tooth becomes infected or damaged, a root canal treatment can be performed to allow you to keep the tooth but stay away from pain or infection. By keeping the tooth, this will help to prevent your other teeth from drifting and causing other jaw problems in the future. If the tooth has to be removed, the other option may be to replace this missing tooth with an artificial tooth.

Also called an endodontic treatment, a root canal treatment is the process of removing the infected or dead pulp from the tooth. The root canal system is the space inside the hard layers of the tooth, where the soft dental pulp is found. The soft dental pulp consists of blood vessels and nerves that assist in the growth, development and immune function of the tooth.

Teeth can become abscessed, when bacteria enters in to the tooth through cracks in the filling or through deep cavities. A tooth abscess is an infection in the pulp. When the pulp becomes infected, the infection needs to be removed. This type of infection can cause considerable pain and swelling. If a tooth abscess does not get treated, it can lead to more serious oral health problems in the future. If you are experiencing considerable pain in the gums and teeth, you should consider coming to our Glenmore office for an evaluation.

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