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CEREC Crowns Kelowna
CEREC restorations feature natural porcelain materials that share many qualities with healthy tooth enamel and is very compatible with the body. Ceramic materials are incredibly sturdy and can endure day-to-day chewing and grinding of ...
Kelowna Sedation Dentistry
Oral health therapies could be performed for patients with dental phobias and high degrees of anxiety via the use of pharmacological agents (sedation). Now patients are able to feel entirely at ease during their next dental health appointment. ...
Denturist Kelowna
When there are holes left from absent teeth, it is essential to fill these spaces as every tooth should have an opposed tooth to provide support. Lacking a full compliment of teeth or opposing teeth in your bite, you could traumatize a few of ...
Tooth Restoration Kelowna
An inlay or onlay restoration might be utilized on teeth with minimal to average corrosion or damage. Teeth that have the requisite structure to support a restoration and doesn't need the added support of a tooth cap. Inlays and onlays are most ...
Wisdom Teeth Removal Kelowna
One of the most common oral health procedures clients are experiencing are wisdom teeth extractions. Not every wisdom teeth will need to be removed, but a good number of clients simply do not have adequate space for their teeth to comfortably fit ...
Treatment of Bruxism Kelowna
Both upper and lower arch teeth are not intended to come together but for when we are chewing or biting foods. Continual grinding and clenching patterns may break down the tooth's enamel creating fissures and unusual wearing of the teeth, and ...
Tooth Implants Kelowna
An oral implant is an artificial tooth and root substitute used to sustain other tooth replacements that resemble a single tooth or a group of teeth. Implants when fused to the jawbone, give a stable infrastructure for artificial or false teeth. ...
Fluoride Treatment Kelowna
One of the most potent aids utilized in dentistry to help prevent dental decay is fluoride. It is a mineral compound that exists in many foods, drinks, and even in some residential water systems. Fluoride continues to be supported by a lot of ...
Composite Fillings Kelowna
A tooth-coloured composite resin restoration can be utilized in many situations to help fix teeth that have fractures, fissures, and tooth caries. The piece of tooth that has been damaged must be entirely cleaned before the oral health doctor can ...
Teeth Crowns Kelowna
Dental crowns, also referred to as caps, are oral restorations that must be custom-made to strengthen damaged or broken teeth. Crowns might be used in cosmetic situations to help enrich discoloured, crooked, or malpositioned teeth, but most ...
Crowns for Teeth Kelowna
A tooth crown, also labeled a cap, may be used to help strengthen and protect a tooth's framework which can't be sustained with fillings or other tooth fixtures. They are designed to wrap the total exterior of a tooth and return it to its initial ...
Kelowna TMJ Specialist
The jaw joint is situated right in front of the ear. Many people experience jaw popping and clicking when opening the oral cavity, but this likely does not produce too much discomfort. Nevertheless, this may be a primary cause of long-term ...
TMJ Dentist Kelowna
Certain children are known to suffer from a condition called "Bruxism". This problem could be noticed most easily during your kid's sleep as they grind and scrape their teeth. It is less common for children to exhibit these kinds of symptoms ...
Oral Cancer Screening Kelowna
Assessments for oral cancer throughout a scheduled dental visit might help uncover a cancer in its early stages and just might save your life. Oral cancer means there is an unrestrained cell development inside the mouth and pharynx. Some of the ...
Air Abrasion Dentistry Kelowna
The drill free system is new to oral health care and allows the oral health care professional to complete painless procedures for the most hesitant of clients. Drill free has all the advantages that are currently being offered by the conventional ...
Geriatric Dentist Kelowna
As outlined by Statistics Canada, the number of elderly Canadians is increasing from a populace that previously has greater than 14% of its populace over the age of 65. Over the next twenty years, the percentage of elderly Canadians over the age ...
TMJ Specialist Kelowna
TMJ is known as temporomandibular joint syndrome and it is a neuromuscular condition directly connected to upper and lower teeth functioning. The coming together of upper with the lower jaw is categorized as the "bite" or "occlusion" and it is an ...
Dental Crowns Kelowna
A crown (cap) is a dental fixture that rebuilds the anatomical exteriors of a fractured or damaged tooth to their natural function. The anatomical exteriors are the areas of the teeth that are visible above the gum line. Typically, crown ...
Dentures Kelowna
Full dentures are taken advantage of by patients who have no natural teeth to help supplant these lost or misplaced teeth. Dentures might as well be used for people who are missing numerous teeth. In this instance, the dental appliance used is ...
Dental Emergencies Kelowna
Injuries to the gums and teeth can be potentially severe dental emergencies if they are ignored. The risks of irreparable damage are greater if these types of injuries are overlooked for too long and they may also need more widespread treatments ...
Kelowna Sedation Dentist
Medicinal substances supply the foundation for sleep or sedation dentistry and are utilized to relax and calm the patient for the timeframe of a specific dental health treatment. These pharmacological substances are classified as drugs known as ...
Root Canal Costs Kelowna
"Root Canal" or endodontic treatment becomes necessary to save a tooth as soon as the pulp of a tooth becomes infected or dies. Normally, the treatment is pretty comfortable and can keep your teeth much healthier by preserving your tooth. ...
Dental Cleaning Kelowna
Professional oral cleanings are generally performed by registered dental hygienists and are usually concluded following your initial oral examination. The cleaning process is mainly centered on eliminating the calculus also referred to as tartar. ...
Oral Surgeons Kelowna
Oral Surgeons are dental professionals that are trained to specialize in areas like restorative surgical operations on impacted wisdom teeth, facial pain problems, temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ), and difficult dental implants. ...
Sedation Dentist Kelowna
In order to augment a clients comfort level, numerous different varieties of conscious sedation can be used such as Valium or Nitrous Oxides. These will still allow the patient to remain conscious. Sedation is available for all sorts of dentistry ...
Root Canal Kelowna
When the nerve of a tooth is disturbed by caries or contamination, a root canal could be needed. The treatment of a root canal is mainly concentrated on the total removal of the tooth decay, nerve and pulp. The resulting opening is then filled ...
Sedation Dentistry Kelowna
Conscious sedation techniques accepted in dentistry may be defined as a nominally depressed change in one's mental state, that is shaped by medicinal drugs and sometimes non medications. Although the clients are experiencing an distorted state, ...
Kelowna Root Canal
Whenever the nerve inside of the tooth pulp leads to irritations, becomes inflamed, it dies, people must consider root canal procedures. Some of the causes of nerve pulp infection or death might be due to traumas to the tooth via injuries, the ...
Dental Appliances Kelowna
Dental oral equipment or mandibular devices have been useful for certain sufferers of obstructive sleep apnea and for snorers. The small plastic oral appliance is worn inside the oral cavity to hamper the soft tissues from blocking the airways of ...
Tooth Fillings Kelowna
Inlays and onlays are customized dental restorations which can be fashioned out of composite materials, gold or ceramics. The porcelain restoration is perhaps the most popular due to its resemblance to natural teeth. They have to be fabricated in ...
Kelowna Dentures
Removable Partial Dentures - Partial dentures are dental fixtures used for missing or lost teeth on either the top or bottom arch. Not like bridges or dental implants, these oral prosthetics are detachable from the mouth and teeth. Their full ...
Dental Implants Kelowna
The restorative dental implant treatment begins by surgically inserting a base within the jawbone to which an implant is inserted. Tooth implants may compensate for the loss of a number of teeth or provide a support framework for a partial ...
Pediatric Dentist Kelowna
Tooth caries are typically transferred from parents to their offspring and therefore, it is advised to have all of your cavities removed before giving birth. Newborns usually do not have the required bacteria called streptococcus mutans that lead ...
Dental Fillings Kelowna
Onlays and inlays are oftentimes fabricated from porcelain and offer a natural looking substitute to silver amalgam fillings. Their natural look makes them nearly impossible to differentiate from natural teeth and is made to fit and fill the ...
Kelowna Dental Implants
Implants are at the innovative of oral health, as these tooth and root restorations are utilized to supplant lost and missing teeth. For a missing tooth, a titanium cylinder can at this time be inserted inside the bone to take the place of a ...
Bite Splints Kelowna
There is a substantial percentage of the populace that at some point in their natural life, will develop a teeth clenching or grinding habit and a good number will never have the ability to identify it until their dental clinician identifies it ...
Dental Inlay Kelowna
Custom fabricated dental fillings such as Onlays and Inlays are used by many oral health doctors instead of using dental crowns, which are less conservative than fillings. These restorative fillings, when used in place of the more traditional ...
Preventative Dentistry Kelowna
Long-lasting oral hygiene practices and strategies used to control tooth caries and other oral health conditions is the foundation of preventative dentistry. In order to inhibit tooth caries a patient should be able to sustain an at-home oral ...
Amalgam Fillings Kelowna
Silver amalgam restorations can persist for many years but will ultimately start to stain and corrode. As soon as this begins, the restoration repels away from the tooth and forms a space. Microorganisms are then able to penetrate the opening ...
Teaching Kids of to Brush their Teeth Kelowna
Help for Kids to Discover Good Polishing Tactics Helpful hints for You to Help Keep Your Teeth Healthy and Attractive. By following many of these crucial measures little ones can learn how to handle their own teeth: 1. Polishing your ...
Gum Disease Kelowna
Gum diseases, also called periodontal disease or periodontitis, is an inflammation of the tissues encircling a tooth, and is the principal cause of tooth loss. Gingivitis may also play a part in the demise of teeth. This type of microbial ...

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